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la bonne manière! AHIMAN REZON(extrait)

20 Décembre 2005 , Rédigé par LAWRENCE DERMOTT Publié dans #histoire de la FM

The ANCIENT MANNER of Constituting a Lodge

A New Lodge, for avoiding many Irregularities, should be solemnly constituted by the Grand-Master, with his Deputy and Wardens; or, in the Grand-Master's Absence, the Deputy acts for his Worship, the senior Grand-Warden as Deputy, the junior Grand-Warden as the senior, and the present Master of a Lodge as the junior; Or if the Deputy is also absent, the Grand Master may depute either of his Grand-Wardens, who can appoint others to act as Grand-Wardens, pro tempore.

The Lodge being opened, and the Candidates or new Master and Wardens being yet among the Fellow-Crafts, the Grand-Master shall his Deputy ask if he has examined them, and whether he finds the Master will skilled in the Noble Science and the Royal Art, and duly instructed in our Mysteries, &c. the Deputy answering in the affirmative, shall (by the Grand-Master's Order) take the Candidate from among his Fellows, and present him to the Grand-Master, saying
, Right Worshipful Grand-Master, the Brethren here desire to be formed into a regular Lodge; and I present my worthy Brother, A.B. to be (installed) their Master; whom I know to be of good Morals and great Skill, true and trusty; and a lover of the whole Fraternity, wheresoever dispersed over the Face of the Earth.

Then the Grand-Master placing the Candidate on his Left-Hand, and having asked and obtained the unanimous Consent of the Brethren, shall say (after some other Ceremonies and Expressions that cannot be written), I constitute and form these good Brethren into a new regular Lodge, and appoint you, Brother A.B. the Master of it, not doubting of your Capacity and Care to preserve the Cement of the Lodge, &c.

Upon this the Deputy, or some other Brother for him, shall rehearse the Charge of a Master; and the Grand-Master shall ask the Candidate, saying, Do you submit to these Charges as Masters have done in all Ages? And the new Master signifying his cordial Submission thereto, the Grand-Master shall, by certain significant Ceremonies and ancient Usages, install him and present him with his Warrant, the Book of Constitutions, the Lodge-Book and the Instruments of his Office, one after another; and after each of them the Grand-Master, his Deputy, or some Brother for him, shall rehearse the short and pithy Charge that is suitable to the Thing present.

Next, the members of this new Lodge, bowing altogether to the Grand-Master, shall return his Worship their Thanks (according to the Custom of Masters) and shall immediately do Homage to their new Master, and (as faithful Craftsmen) signify their Promise of Subjection and Obedience to him by usual Congratulations.

The Deputy and Grand-Wardens, and any other Brethren that are not Members of this new Lodge, shall next congratulate the new Master, and he shall return his becoming Acknowledgements (as Masters-Masons), first to the Grand-Master and grand Officers, and to the rest in their Order.

Then the Grand-Master orders the new Master to enter immediately upon the Exercise of his Office, and, calling forth his senior Warden, a Fellow-Craft, (Master-Mason) presents him to the Grand-Master for his Worship's Approbation and to the new Lodge for their Consent; upon which the senior or junior Grand-Warden, or some Brother for him, shall rehearse the Charge of a Warden, &c. of a private Lodge; and, he signifying his cordial Submission thereto, the new Master shall present him singly with the several instruments of his Office, and, in ancient Manner and due Form, install him in his proper Place.

In like Manner, the new Master shall call forth his junior Warden, who shall be a Master-Mason, and presented (as above) to the junior Grand-Warden, or some other Brother in his stead, and shall in the above Manner be installed in his proper Place; and the Brethren of this new Lodge shall signify their Obedience to these new Wardens, by the usual Congratulations due to Wardens.

The Grand-Master then gives all the Brethren Joy of their Master and Wardens, &c. and recommends Harmony, &c. hoping their only Contention will be a laudable Emulation in cultivating the Royal Art, and the social Virtues.

The the Grand-Secretary, or some Brother for him (by the Grand-Master's Order) in the Name of Grand Lodge, declares and proclaims this new Lodge duly constituted Nº … &c.

Upon which all the new Lodge together (after the Custom of Masters) return their hearty and sincere Thanks for the Honour of this Constitution.

The Grand-Master also orders the Grand-Secretary to register this new Lodge in the Grand Lodge-Book, and notify the same to the other particular Lodges; and after some other ancient Customs and Demonstrations of Joy and Satisfaction, he orders the senior Grand Warden to close the Lodge.

A prayer said at the Opening of the Lodge, &c. used by Jewish Free-Masons :
O LORD, excellent art thou in thy Truth, and there is nothing great in Comparison to thee; for thine is the Praise, from all the Works of thy Hands, for evermore.

ENLIGHTEN us, we beseech thee, in the true knowledge of Masonry; By the Sorrows of Adam, thy first made Man; by the Blood of Abel, thy holy one; by the Righteousness of Seth, in whom thou art well pleased; and by thy Covenant with Noah, in whose Architecture thou was't pleased to save the Seed of thy beloved; number us not among those that know not thy Statutes, nor the divine Mysteries of the secret Cabbala.

But  grant, we beseech thee, that the Ruler of this Lodge may be endued with Knowledge and Wisdom, to instruct us and explain his secret Mysteries, as our holy Brother Moses1 did (in his Lodge) to Aaron, to Eleazar and Ithamar, (the Sons of Aaron), and the seventy Elders of Israel.

And grant that we may understand, learn, and keep all the Statutes and Commandments of the Lord, and this holy Mystery, pure and undefiled unto our Lives End. Amen, Lord.

A prayer used amongst the primitive Christian Masons :
The Might of the Father of Heaven, and the Wisdom of his glorious Son, through the Grace and Goodness of the Holy Ghost, being three Persons in one Godhead, be with us at our Beginning, and give us Grace so to Govern us here in our living, that we may come to his bliss that never shall have end. Amen.

Another Prayer, and that which is most general at Making or Opening :
MOST holy and glorious Lord God, thou great Architect of Heaven and Earth, who art the Giver of all good Gifts and Graces, and hast promised that where two or three are gathered together in thy Name, thou wilt be in the Midst of them; In thy name we assemble and meet together, most humbly beseeching thee to bless us in all our Undertakings, that we may know and serve thee aright, that all our Doings may tend to thy Glory and the Salvation of our Souls.

And we beseech thee, O Lord God, to bless this our present Undertaking, and grant that this our new Brother may dedicate his Life to thy Service, and be a true and faithful Brother among us; Endue him with a Competency of thy divine Wisdom, that he may, with the Secrets of Free-Masonry, be able to unfold the Mysteries of Godliness and Christianity. This we most humbly beg, in the Name, and for the Sake, of JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Saviour. Amen.


A Prayer repeated in the Royal Arch Lodge at Jerusalem :
Thou hast loved us, O Lord our God, with eternal Love; thou hast spared us with great and exceeding patience, our Father and our King, for thy great NAME's sake, and for our Father's Sake who trusted in thee, to whom thou didst teach the Statutes of Life, that they might do after the Statutes of thy good Pleasure with a perfect Heart; So be thou merciful unto us, O our Father, merciful Father, that sheweth Mercy, have Mercy upon us we beseech thee, and put Understanding into our Hearts, that we may understand, be wise, hear, learn, teach, keep, do and perform all the Words of the Doctrine of thy Law in Love, and enlighten our Eyes in thy commandments, and cause our hearts to cleave to thy Law, and united them in the Love and Fear of thy NAME; we will not be ashamed nor confounded, nor stumble, for ever and ever. Because we have trusted in thy HOLY, GREAT, MIGHTY, and TERRIBLE NAME, we will rejoice and be glad in thy Salvation, and in thy Mysteries, O Lord our God; and the Multitude of thy Mercies shall not forsake us for ever. Selah; And now make haste and bring upon us Blessing, and Peace from the four Corners of the Earth; for thou art a God that workest Salvation, and has chosen us out of every People and Language; and thou, our King, hast caused us to cleave to thy GREAT NAME, in Love to praise thee and be united to thee, and to love thy NAME; Blessed art thou, O Lord God, who hast chosen thy People Israel in Love.

Having inserted this Prayer, and mentioned that Part of Masonry commonly called the Royal Arch (which I firmly believe to be the Root, Heart, and Marrow of Free-Masonry) I cannot forbear giving a Hint of a certain evil Designer, who has made a Trade thereof for some Time past, and has drawn in a Number of worth, honest Men, [48] and made them believe that he and his Assistants truly taught them all and every part of the above-named Branch of Masonry, which they soon communicated to the worthy brethren of their Acquaintance, without being able to form any Sort of Judgment whereby they might distinguish Truth from Falsehood, and consequently could not discern the imposition; but, as the wise Seneca justly observes, it fares with us in human Life as in a routed Army, one stumbles first and another falls upon him; and so they follow, one upon the Neck of another, till the whole Field comes to be but one Heap of Miscarriages. This is the Case of all those who think themselves Royal Arch Masons, without passing the Chair in regular Form, according to the ancient Customs of the Craft; To this I will add the Opinion of our Worshipful Brother Doctor Fifield D Assigny, printed in the Year 1744: "Some of the Fraternity (says he) have expressed an Uneasiness at this Matter being kept a Secret from them (since they had already passed through the usual Degrees of Probation) I cannot help being of the Opinion, that they have no Right to any such Benefit until they make a proper Application, and are received with due Formality: And as it is an organized Body of Men who have passed the Chair, and given undeniable Proofs of their Skill in Architecture, it cannot be treated with too much Reverence; and more especially since the Characters of the present Members of that particular Lodge are untainted and their Behaviour judicious and unexceptionable; So that there cannot be the least Hinge to hang a Doubt on, but that they are most excellent Masons." The Respect I have for the very Name of Free-Mason, is sufficient to make me conceal the Name of the Person here pointed at; and, instead of exposing him, or stigmatizing him with a Name he justly deserves, I earnestly wish that GOD may guide him back, out of his present Labyrinth of Darkness, to the true Light of Masonry; which is, Truth, Charity; and Justice. I make no Manner of Doubt but that this will reach the Hands of the Person aimed at; and as my Intention is rather to reform than offend, I hope he will answer my Expectation, in laying aside such Evils as may bring Dishonour to the Craft and himself; and I assure him (upon the Honour of a Mason) I have no evil Design against him, no more than Hesiod had against his Brother

Perses, when he wrote the following Advice.
O Perses, foolish Perses, bow thine car,
To the good Counsel of a Soul sincere;
To Wickedness the Road is quickly found,
Short is the Way and on easy Ground;
The Paths of Virtue must be reach'd by Toil,
Arduous and long and on a rugged Soil;
Thorny the Gate, but when the Top you gain,
Fair is the future and the Prospect plain;
Far does the Man all other Men excel,
Who from his Wisdom thinks in all Things Well
Wisely considering to himself a Friend,
All for the present Best and for the End;
Nor is the Man without his Share of Praise,
Who well the Dictates of the wise obeys
But he that is no wise himself, nor can
Harken to Wisdom, is a useless Man.


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